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Julie Barrett was awarded her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. She has been photographing weddings, portraiture and corporate events for over 17 years.

First Interview:
We suggest that you visit our offices to discuss your plans and view Julies style of photography when you first start making your wedding plans.

To hold the date, a non-refundable coverage fee must be paid when you book your wedding. This is best done well in advance. Payment of booking fee is an acceptance of the conditions outlined in the wedding information brochure. Travelling expenses will be charged for all non-metropolitan areas and must be paid for prior to your wedding. All fees and prices are available on request.

Venue Bookings:
Some venues, including gardens where the photos are taken, may need to be booked by you in advance of the big day.

Kellie & Andrew
"...thank you so very much for doing the photography. These are the memories we will have of our day for the rest of our life."
Kellie & Andrew
David & Maria
Tour of Venues:
Ring me three weeks before your wedding, so I can visit the ceremony venue with you, and the locations where your photos will be taken. This allows everyone to get re-acquainted so you can feel at ease on the day. Together we can plan how to use the venue to best complement the colours and style of your wedding.
Nicolette & Drew
"Thank you so much for the most beautiful wedding photos. They covered the true atmosphere of what was a perfect day for all of us."
Nicolette & Drew
Wedding Day:
I arrive, with my assistant, to the bride’s house and continue to record the day, till the beginning of your reception. Your Wedding will be recorded with creativity, capturing the events as they happen on the day. I recommend that umbrellas, rugs, water sprays, safety and hairpins are made handy for the day, with refreshments for your bridal party. There is a surcharge if my attendance at your reception is required. The reception coverage is up to the bridal waltz.

Collecting the proofs:
The proof-size wedding photos are usually ready within 2 weeks. They are displayed in an easy-to-view folder. A deposit toward your album is paid at the time of collection. The Proof Folder can be purchased when an album is ordered, however, until then they remain the property of Julie Barrett.

Scott & Bianca
"...thanks for your thorough and patient work for our wedding. Quite a number of people have commented on your way of working. The day went so quickly and those memories will be treasured."
Scott & Bianca
Selecting the best:
Your family and friends can select the images they like, ordering with the forms supplied. Ensure all their details and the full proof number is included. If family and friends are eager for their photos, full payment (including postage and postal address) can be forwarded with the order so the prints can be quickly and safely received.

I suggest that you choose your favourite proofs, and return, by appointment, so I can help you plan your album so as the photos, displayed to their best advantage, tell the story of your day.

Ordering your album:
Order your album while the day is fresh in your mind. A comprehensive range of albums are available, custom-made to your individual requirements and budget.
The Album and main orders must be placed within the first six months.
Eve & Leon
"...thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with our photos. We were all amazed at how calm and peaceful you were when everyone else was in a fluster. It was an absolute pleasure to have you take part in our wedding day."
Eve & Leon
Your album is ready:
I will ring you when your album and photos are ready for collection. Usually this take approximately 6 weeks. The balance is paid when the work is collected.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life and what better way to remember it than an Album of relaxed, fun and romantic images.

The copyright on all photographic work is owned by Julie Barrett as trustee for the N & J Barrett Family Trust trading as Vista Studio. Photographs must not be reproduced without permission.

Note: All negatives remain the property of Julie Barrett.

Frames and Framing:
To best display your treasured photos I recommend that you have a look at my extensive supply of stand up frames. I can also assist you in choosing customised framing to best complement your favourite images.

If your wish is to have one of your wedding images transformed into a hand-coloured art piece, then I am free to discuss an image or collection of images from your proofs that would suit this style. Pricing for hand-coloured images is solely job specific.

Internet Albums:
I can also assist you with getting your wedding images online. Feel free to view existing online albums already published with

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Kylie & Sean
"A big thank you for helping to make our wedding so special. The fantastic memories will always be cherished - we can't thank you enough."
Kylie & Sean

Cath & Georges
"I've been flicking through the proofs thinking what an amazing photographic team you are. It was just such a beautiful day and it was great that you're making me such a beautiful record of it. You, Julie are wonderful to have around, really gentle and kind and it was a pleasure being photographed by you."
Cath & Georges